Shubert Advocacy Series

The Shubert Organization recognizes that in order to make a real difference in our industry, we need to actively listen to the people asking for change so that we can in fact change for the better. The Shubert Advocacy Series aims to give a platform to organizations who will provide compelling and engaging conversations, so that their voices, missions and experiences can be heard.

Links to participating organizations above each video. Check out their sites to find out more and get involved.


Victoria Detres, Producer
Lawryn LaCroix, Producer
Bryan Joseph Lee, Producer
Sammy Lopez, Producer
Danny Marin, Producer




Keenan Scott II, Playwright of Thoughts of a Colored Man
Michael R. Jackson, Playwright of A Strange Loop




Pun Bandhu and Angel Desai from Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC)
Mandi Jo John and Daphnee McMaster from Black Theatre Girl Magic
Gabrielle Jackson and Julie Ouellette from The Joy Jackson Initiative

Vanessa Williams and LaChanze from Black Theatre United
Victor Vazquez from X Casting NYC
Brandon Michael Nase and Tiana Okoye from Broadway for Racial Justice

Amber Iman and Britton Smith from Broadway Advocacy Coalition
Zane Mark and Kenny Seymour from MUSE
Adam Hyndman and Cynthia J. Tong from The Industry Standard Group


The Shubert Organization believes that the stories and viewpoints offered by the speakers here are critically important to building an equitable and inclusive community for all. While the perspectives and points of view are varied in nature, Shubert does not intend to endorse any particular viewpoints or statements made by the speakers, but rather supports the dialogue and the need for a forum in which these important issues are discussed.

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