SHEAR MADNESS, Detoured by Success, is Ready for Its New York City Debut

October 19, 2015

Shear Madness LogoSHEAR MADNESS, Detoured by Success, Is Ready for Its New York City Debut
By Andrew R. Chow
NY Times Logo

In the end, the pope won out over “Game of Thrones.”

It was the second day of rehearsal of “Shear Madness,” a zany little whodunit that happens to be the longest-running play in America but is about to open in New York City for the first time, and the cast and the directing team were mulling over their scripts in a Midtown Manhattan office.

This, however, was no ordinary table read. It more closely resembled a late night comedy writers’ room, as actors frantically flipped through their pages, spitballing pop culture punch lines. After a voracious back-and-forth about Winterfell, the lowbrow popemobile, Peter Dinklage and gaudy queens, the director, Bruce Jordan, decided that a quip about the pope’s dress was the way to go.


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