July 20, 2015

Hand to God LogoA left hand can be a dangerous thing.

Deep in the heart of Broadway, there lurks a creature so outrageous, so scandalous, so totally insane… and so refreshingly, shockingly true. This is Tyrone, the scene-stealing sprite who springs hilariously to life in this brilliant, Tony-nominated thrill ride of a comedy. True, Tyrone may be an inanimate object: but his riotously raunchy riffs on everything from love to faith shake a small Texas town to its core, while proving that it is both sinfulness and saintliness that makes us all truly human… and utterly alive.

“The best play of the season.” – Huffington Post

“Ferociously funny.” – The New York Times

“The funniest Broadway comedy in years.” –Time Out New York

“Nothing is more exciting than a new play that takes you by surprise, and Hand to God does so over and over again.” – Wall Street Journal

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