How to Keep the 'Great Comet' Party Going on Broadway

September 15, 2016

Great Comet Logo How to Keep the ‘Great Comet’ Party Going on Broadway: Dish Out the Pierogies (and Add Josh Groban) - The New York Times

By Michael Paulson
Sept. 14, 2016

In the beginning, there was the book. Famously long, and a bit of a slog. But Volume 2 Part 5 caught the cruise ship pianist’s eye.

There was that beautiful girl, killing time in the big city while her fiancé was away; the ill-advised flirtation with a dreamy playboy; the unhappily married rich man starting to fall apart; the swirl of back-stabbing aristocrats, Russia at war, and a comet streaking across the sky.

This section of “War and Peace,” Dave Malloy thought, would make a perfect musical.