Broadway Week Gets a Summer Brand Refresh

August 30, 2018

Broadway Week PosterBroadway Week Gets a Summer Brand Refresh

Broadway Briefing
August 30,2 2019

We’ve been working with our good friends at NYC & Company on Broadway Week for over eight years now, and in that time their creative department has come up with some pretty fantastic ways to brand and promote the seasonal 2-for-1 ticket program.

For this fall, we think they’ve developed their best creative yet—a collage design meant to evoke Broadway and, in their words, “pay homage to all the elements that combine to make Broadway a unique and memorable experience.”

NYC & Company’s design team drew inspiration from the lights and marquees on the street, the ornate details of the theatres, the excitement of a special night out for two, and the incomparable magic of human performance.

Since Broadway Week Fall 2018 went on sale on August 15 (AARP Presale on August 8), you may have seen this new branding online, on billboards and subway signage, at bus shelters, on taxi tops and video screens, and more.

Next time, keep an eye on all the different visual elements, allowing NYC & Company to create a wide array of unique deliverables that draw from the same catalogue of elements and fit the greater family of this season’s Broadway Week.

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